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About Us

Mark G. Alexandridis, Chief Investment Officer

“Our primary focus is to create value for the client, and we achieve this objective through avoiding fundamentally flawed investment strategies and by identifying unique investment opportunities customized to meet our clients’ objectives.”
– Mark G. Alexandridis, Chief Investment Officer

  • Our business is built on the foundation of creative and innovative solutions, demonstrable long‐term results, and consistent client service.
  • We believe that every investment strategy and financial solution must be rooted in first principles. Our solutions address a wide range of issues including relevant capital, tax, regulatory, and liquidity considerations facing our clients.
  • The depth and breadth of experience the FPCM team, many of whom have been significant innovators in the capital markets, allow us to address these critical factors with superior working knowledge.
  • Our decision‐making is governed by a dedication to provide the highest level of customer service as well as to protect our reputation and integrity.