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Rongfeng “Becky” Li
CFA, Senior Vice President

Tel: 212-380-2296

R. Becky Li has 28 years of credit analysis and investment experience from a variety of perspectives, including asset management, hedge fund, rating agency, banking, and regulatory areas.

Upon joining FPCM in 2005, Ms. Li worked as the Credit Market Strategist responsible for generating investment ideas for both long and short positions in the corporate investment grade and high yield markets. Since 2009, she has focused on the asset backed securities and municipal markets.

Prior to joining First Principles Capital Management, Ms. Li was the Credit Market Strategist for Primus Financial Products. In this capacity, she was responsible for analyzing approximately 500 U.S. and European investment grade credits in order to develop strategies and to optimize the timing and approach to credit market investments.

Ms. Li served as Senior Vice President and Senior Credit Analyst for Weiss, Peck, & Greer (part of Rebeco) prior to joining Primus Financial. She previously served as a Vice President and Senior Credit Analyst for Gen Re Financial Products covering the retail, technology, telecom, aerospace/defense, and railroad sectors.

Prior to General Re, Ms. Li worked as an Associate Analyst in the Corporate Finance Group at Moody’s Investor’s Service covering the global metals and mining, building materials, and aerospace/defense sectors. Earlier in her career, Ms. Li held positions with the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi in New York as a credit analyst and the Georgia Department of Banking and Finance in Atlanta as a bank examiner.

Ms. Li earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Beijing Foreign Studies University in Beijing, China, and received her M.B.A. in finance from the University of South Carolina.