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Fixed Income Market Sectors

T-bills, BA, CP, ABCP and MMF

Taxable and tax-exempt

Agency and non-agency

Student loans, autos, credit cards

Investment grade and high yield

Municipal Lottery CDO / CLO

Interest rate swaps, options, futures and forwards

Our Tools

Form of transaction

  • Publicly traded securities
  • 144A
  • Private contracts
  • Exchange-traded fund
  • Mutual fund

Financing / leverage

  • Repurchase and reverse repurchase agreements
  • Tender option bond structures (TOBs)

Derivatives / overlay

  • Interest rate, inflation and currency
    • Swaps and options
    • Caps and floors
    • Futures and forwards
  • Credit
    • Single-name
    • Index-based
    • Total-return swap
  • Equity related
    • Index-based futures and options