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Style and Value Proposition

Our first principle: provide customized and solutions-oriented fixed income asset management services

  • FPCM continuously assesses value across full spectrum of fixed income markets
  • Most portfolios are executed in separate account format designed to address specific objectives of the client

We focus on client goal, not perpetuity of investment mandate

  • We avoid product-driven investment approaches and view each mandate in context of client’s overall portfolio
  • Since we participate across multiple markets, our firm’s prosperity isn’t linked to potentially unsustainable perpetuity of one activity


Our fundamental analysis leads us to be long-term oriented in our investment outlook

  • Excessive turnover detracts from client returns
  • Adjustments made in light of evolving market conditions and client objectives

Depth and breadth of experience found among the team members provide superior working knowledge

  • Ability to assess and potentially exploit exposures created by complex securities
  • Sell-side experience provides insights into manufacturing of fixed income market sectors