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First Principles Quarterly - Summer 2013

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Compass with rope coil

We are pleased to share the inaugural edition of First Principles Quarterly (“FPQ”).

In this Summer 2013 issue, Doug Dachille’s CIO Perspective provides insight into many current issues facing and impacting fixed income investors.

We’ve made the change from a few FPCM publications to one quarterly to provide a comprehensive overview of the broader fixed income markets in one sitting. The new FPQ has contributions from all of FPCM’s portfolio managers covering the major fixed income markets.

The following commentary is contained in this issue:

  • CIO Perspective;
  • Rates, Inflation, Mortgages and Municipals;
  • Corporate Credit;
  • Emerging Markets Debt; and
  • Asset Backed Securities.

View the First Principles Quarterly – Summer 2013 (pdf)