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First Principles Quarterly Winter 2018-19


Compass on rope coil

We are pleased to share the Winter 2018-19 edition of First Principles Quarterly.

First Principles Quarterly (FPQ) captures our portfolio management team’s insights across fixed income markets.

For the Winter edition, we cover topics including, but not limited to: what investors can expect from the FOMC come the highly anticipated March meeting; implications for liquidity stemming from shifts in leverage/financing costs; potential paths for the emergent obsession that is the Fed’s balance sheet; the influence of “acyclical” factors on PCE inflation; expected outcomes related to the appointment of Mark Cambria as Director of FHFA; what to expect from the BBB corporate credit universe in the near-to-medium term vis-à-vis recent headlines; prospects for the fledgling wireless handset ABS market; and where we expect to find value in coming months.

We invite your comments and questions.

View the First Principles Quarterly Winter 2018-19